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How To Get Rid of Mice? Follow These Steps

There is a moment many people experience when they awake to the gentle noise of pitter patter, however in this weather homeowners will struggle to convince themselves it’s merely the sound of rainfall.

Yes, it’s the dreaded R-word – Rodents. These furry friends don’t just visit in winter. But how do you avoid having your home become the prime summer destination for a rodent staycation?

  1. Rodents are quite opportunistic. If there is an open door then they’ll likely come in. It is imperative all doors and windows are kept tightly shut when not in use.
  2. Other precautions include filling in gaps around pipes and cables. Then it is all about restriction. Taking food away, making sure you clean as you go, your food is up high in cupboards, that it is in properly sealed containers.
  3. A clean home tends to be a rodent-free home. If you leave food out it’s going to cause opportunity, so make sure to clean up after that summer BBQ.
  4. Bins are another major attraction for rodents. A lot of people will have them at the back door, move them away as the bins are an attraction.
  5. It is important to keep your garden cleaned and pruned. Vegetation can attract pests, so fruit should be picked from trees or quickly collected when it drops. Cutting back shrubbery and trees is essential to keep vegetation away from the building.
  6. Some people may have ornamental water features and that’s a water source especially in hot weather that’s going to attract pests into the area, into your garden. We suggest people put chlorine or bleach into fountains etc, but this is only suitable for non-drinkable features.

If you have any questions of getting rid of rats or getting rid of mice, please call our rat team at 941-746-1147.

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