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Drywood Termites: Spot Treat or Tent Fumigation With Vikane Gas

When faced with the decision of how to eradicate drywood termites from your home, we encourage you to learn all the facts and educate yourself on the options available to you before making mistakes many before you have made. The treatment choices for drywood termites are to spot treat or tent fumigation with Vikane Gas.

The Department of Agriculture considers fumigation the only whole home treatment for drywood termites. All other treatments are merely spot treatments. The most important fact about spot treatment is that it cannot affect termites located in inaccessible areas of a structure. To paint a better picture, termites may be living in areas you cannot visually see like a beam or underneath the subfloor, therefore you cannot treat what is not visually seen. Spot treatments can only kill termites if that colony location can be found and treated. Unfortunately, we have witnessed that the spot treatment technique does not kill all termites in a colony, resulting in colony resurgence. Also, many areas in the wood frame of a home where termite colonies live simply cannot be inspected or accessed for adequate treatment.

Customers should be aware that spot treatment involves drilling multiple holes into walls, furniture, and floors in order to inject a termiticide treatment. Technicians will attempt to patch up drilled holes once the termiticide has been applied, but this will always remain noticeable to you and your guests. In some cases we have witnessed hundreds and sometimes thousands of holes in customer’s homes, yet the technicians were unsuccessful in killing the termites. Spot treatments typically require repeated inspections and treatments through-out the years so make sure you are well acquainted with your technician, for you will be seeing a lot of each other!

At Manatee Termite and Pest Control we fumigate homes infested with drywood termites. Vikane gas fumigate eliminates all drywood termite colonies, including undetected colonies in inaccessible areas. The gas can actually penetrate wood and find it’s way into every square inch of a home. It has been proven effective in more than 2 million structures. Although homeowners are required to leave their home for up to two and a half days during the fumigation, they can return to a pest-free home without worrying about any type of pesticide residues being left behind, something spot treatment can’t claim. Vikane gas quickly dissipates from a home and leaves no surface pesticide residue behind. That’s correct; dishes do not have to be cleaned and linens do not need to be washed because Vikane gas is a non-residual treatment. We trust Vikane because it has been used for more than 50 years as the proven effective treatment for whole structure fumigation. We also trust Vikane gas because we always eradicate all of the termite colonies on the first fumigation and our customers are always satisfied.  Simply put, with Vikane it’s one and done.

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