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Bed Bugs

Why fumigate for bed bugs?

Click on any news website, watch the news on TV or pick up a newspaper, and you’re likely to see or hear a very clear message: Bed bugs are everywhere and they’re causing millions of dollars in damage every year! Cloud Termite and Pest Control provides affordable, convenient and 100% effective bed bug treatment solutions. From start to finish of your service, what you’ll discover whenever you call us to handle your bed bug infestation is the sheer force of attention to every detail that we’ll bring in order to solve your problem. We’ll inspect every room and its contents with a fine-toothed comb, and we’ll document every move we make and method we use to control and prevent bed bugs in your environment.

Bedbugs Treatment

Each bed bug infestation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized treatment plan. However, bed bug fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is the only treatment method with a 50-year track record of effectively and reliably eradicating all bed bugs infesting a structure, including the egg stage. Fumigation with Vikane is scientifically documented and proven to be 100% effective, to safely dissipate into the atmosphere without harm after use; and to leave no residue, odor or film behind.

Bed bug fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire structures (whole-structure) or certain household items, including box springs and mattresses, which are placed in a chamber to be fumigated.

Four facts about Vikane gas fumigation and its special ability to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Vikane is effective against all life stages of bed bugs, including the difficult-to-control egg stage.
  2. There is no resistance of bed bugs to Vikane.
  3. Vikane gas fumigant penetrates into cracks and crevices, into furniture and any other hiding places – yes, even into sensitive electronics – to eliminate the pests.
  4. Vikane gas fumigation also comes with a one year termite warranty!

Although many remedies concerning bed bug control are currently circulating and promoted by pest control companies, these treatments often don’t work due to the tenacious nature of this particular insect. Alternative treatments are also costly and can cause unnecessary damage to your home.

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