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Frequently Asked Questions

Termite Control FAQs

What is Vikane gas fumigant?

Vikane is a colorless, odorless gas that quickly penetrates structural materials during whole-structure fumigation. Vikane, backed by nearly 50 years of university research, practical use and published reports is nonstaining, noncorrosive and nonflammable. Vikane quickly dissipates from the structure into the atmosphere and does not damage the ozone layer.

Will Vikane gas fumigant cause damage to my home?

Vikane gas fumigant does not react with most materials and is unlikely to cause damage. Your licensed, trained fumigation professional will inspect your property to help ensure that your contents will not be affected.

Does Vikane gas fumigant negatively affect the ozone layer?

No. Sulfuryl fluoride, the active ingredient in Vikane gas fumigant, is not an ozone-depleting chemical. Vikane contains no chlorine or bromine and, thus, does not deplete stratospheric ozone by the known mechanisms. When a structure is aerated, Vikane rapidly dissipates to non-detectable levels. In 2002 Dow AgroSciences was awarded the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This award recognizes extraordinary achievements, international leadership and innovation in preserving the ozone layer.

How long is the fumigation process?

The fumigation process is a three day process for drywood termites.

How long does it take to put the tarps on?

It takes approximately two hours to put the tarps on depending on the size of the structure.

How long does it take to remove the tarps?

It takes approximately two hours to take the tarps down depending on the size of the structure.

What items do I need to remove from the property?

Any foods, medications, anything living: people, pets, and plants.

Is there a need to clean the house and wash items following a fumigation?

The gas we use leaves absolutely no residue, so cleaning the house and washing items is not necessary.

Will there be any live termites in my home after whole-structure fumigation?

If you see a few live termites immediately after your home has been fumigated, don’t be alarmed. Sometimes it can take three to five days for all of the termites to die. Rest assured whole-structure fumigation with Vikane gas fumigant will eliminate all of the drywood termites in the home.

Pest Control Control FAQs

What pests are covered with quarterly pest control?

Cloud Pest Control’s quarterly pest control covers most insects except fleas, ticks, mosquitos, bedbugs, flies, and bees. These pests present special problems and require a special procedure. Depending on the degree of the infestation and the situation, we have other programs that we can put in place to eliminate these pests. Our quarterly pest prevention program does include sweeping of eaves, awnings and other areas where wasps, bees, and other flying stinging insects may place nests, to keep them away from your home.

What if I still spot a problem inside my home after you’ve serviced the inside and outside?

If you ever spot a problem inside, we’ll come back at no additional charge, and at your convenience, to diagnose and eliminate the problem. We’ll also come back as many times as needed to eliminate the problem.

How will your products affect my pets?

We love pets too. All of the products that in our programs are not harmful to pets as long as you follow our recommendations. Keep in mind that some treatments require time to dry before pets can be allowed back into the treated area. Your Cloud Pest Control team will give you specific information on the product application we used and how to keep your pets safe.

Are your products environmentally responsible?

All of the products we use have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Why do I need to have my home inspected before you can give me a price?

No two homes are exactly alike and neither are their treatments. That’s why we thoroughly inspect your home – inside and outside. We then design a program customized for your situation without any pricing surprises.

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