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You May Not Have a Termite Problem

Drywood Termite
Drywood Termite
Dampwood Termite
Dampwood Termite

If you see live termites flying around your home right now, there is a good chance they are Florida dampwood termites. Dampwood termites, as the name suggests, will only infest wood with high moisture content. These termites live inside damp or rotten wood and do not have contact with the soil. Places where you may find dampwood termites include dead trees, stumps, and old decaying tree limbs or leaves.

Dampwod termites can easily be mistaken for drywood termites because they too produce fecal pellets or “frass” which often resembles coffee grinds or saw dust. Dampwood termites also swarm like drywood termites and can be found inside your home, causing panic for some homeowners. Like drywood termites, dampwood termites swarm towards light. Attraction to light is a method to provide direction to mating termites and dampwood termites often end up inside your home because of the light that appears through windows at night. The swarm typically happens around late fall/early winter.

Of all the species of termites, the Florida dampwood termite does the least amount of damage and rarely infests homes. However, do not be mistaken, dampwood termites can infest a home, but only if the wood inside the home has a high moisture content. Most homeowners do not allow their homes to decay from damp wood. If you maintain a clean and “dry” home, you should not have any problems with dampwood termites.

Tips to avoid dampwood termites:

  • Make sure to keep bushes and trees manicured and away from the exterior of your home.
  • Routinely clean out your gutters and inspect areas where moisture builds up around the home, especially air conditioning units.
  • Call our office if you need help identifying the termites in your home.

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