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Should I Avoid Buying A Property with Termites?

It is important for homebuyers to be aware of termites and termite damage when looking to buy a home. To avoid getting stuck with extensive damage that is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance, buyers should always request a Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) Report before finalizing the purchase of a home.

A termite or wood-destroying insect inspection is different from a standard home inspection that assesses the condition of the physical structure and systems of a home from the roof to the foundation. Termite inspections usually last about an hour, during which the termite management specialist will probe the home from the attic or crawl space to the basement for telltale signs of termite damage, infestation and conditions conducive to infestations, such as cracks, crevices and moisture. Afterwards, the inspector will issue a report and if an infestation has been found, an estimate of the cost to remediate the situation.

When purchasing a home, it is always best to know exactly what one is getting into ahead of time. Any repairs that are needed could also be negotiated with the seller prior to closing.

A home is often the single largest investment a person will ever make. Homebuyers should arm themselves with as much information as possible about the existing home so they can make informed decisions about the damage and repairs needed.

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