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How to Make Your Hotel Room Healthier

Check out this article from Travel and Leisure that lists the measures you can take to create a healthier hotel environment and keep your immune system strong.

“Hotel rooms can be a hotbed for germs, and the lighting and poor circulation in some make for an unhealthy environment,” doctor and alternative medicine specialist Deepak Chopra told the New York Times.

1. Check the room for bed bugs
2. Ditch the bedspread
3. Disinfect commonly used items
4. Welcome natural light
5. Use a light therapy alarm clock
6. Open the window (if you can)
7. Avoid hotel room glassware
8. Bring your own snacks

The full article can be seen here http://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/yoga-wellness/how-to-make-hotel-room-healthy

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