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Order: Hymenoptera


Currently there are over 20,000 classified species of bees, which are divided into 9 families. Bees come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. They can range in size from as small as 2 mm to as large as 39 mm. Their colors range from yellow, green, black, orange and blue. Their bodies have three segments and their eyes cover the majority of their heads.

Feeding Habits

Bees will travel many miles searching for food. Some bees are attracted to sweet liquids or nectars and others are attracted to pollen. Their unique vision highlights flower petals in bright iridescent colors, allowing them to easily find new food sources.


When bees land on flowers or crops to feed, their feet and hair pick up sacks of pollen. These sacks are dispersed when they land on new areas of vegetation. The transfer of pollen enables fertilization and reproduction of new crops and flowers. Bees pollinize a huge variety of food we consume. Pollination is crucial to crops such as broccoli, squash and apples. Killing bees directly affects the pollination process, and as a result disrupts the food cycle.

Life Cycle

Female bees determine the sex of each egg produced. After mating, the female bee determines which of her eggs to fertilize. Fertilized eggs will turn into males and the unfertilized eggs will turn into females. The males usually emerge first and begin searching for female mates.

Bee Stings

Bee stings are exceptionally painful, can cause allergic reactions and in some cases lead to death. Allergic reactions are more common with adults versus children. The venom in each bee species is different therefore reactions may vary. The bee’s stinger contains melittin and histamine, which causes severe pain and swelling. Sometimes the bee’s stinger can tear off the bee’s abdomen if inserted deep enough into thick skin. Once the stinger is torn off, the bee will quickly perish.

Bee Pest Control

The best method for solving a bee infestation is to remove the hive from the home. It is important to first identify which species of bee is infesting the home. Bees are important pollinators and many species should not be harmed. Only a certified pest control technician with experience in bee removal should attempt to remove a bee colony.

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