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Smokybrown Cockroach

Smokybrown Cockroach

Specific name: Periplaneta fuliginosa



The smokybrown cockroach is closely related to the American cockroach. The distinguishing detail that separates the two is the smokybrown’s dark mahogany color. The smokybrown has wings which measure 1¼-1½ inch long. Their antennas are also as long, and sometimes longer, than their bodies.

Habitat and Biology

The smokybrown cockroach is found in warm and moist environments. Smokybrown cockroaches generally dwell outside, in shady areas such as woodpiles, sewer openings, gutters and leaf piles. When these cockroaches are infested inside residential homes, they are commonly found behind kitchen cabinets, inside pluming areas and inside fireplaces.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of the smokybrown cockroach has three stages:

  • Egg

Smokybrown cockroaches take approximately 28 days to hatch out of the eggs. Eggs are deposited in protected egg cases containing 30-40 eggs. The egg case is brown and approximately 8 mm long.

  • Nymph

Nymphs do not resemble adult smokybrown cockroaches. They are small, dark brown to black and do not have wings. At room temperature, the nymphs mature in approximately 60 days.

  • Adult

The adult stage is complete in 3-23 months, depending on the environment. Adult smokybrown cockroaches have a lifespan of approximately 6-10 months.

Feeding Habits

The smokybrown cockroach is a scavenger and feeds off a wide range of organic matter. The smokybrown cockroach prefers moist environments and tends to eat decaying organic matter.


Once inside a residential home, the smokybrown cockroach can contaminate food and cause severe allergic reactions. They are known to carry diseases such as salmonella typhimurim, entamoeba histolytica and plioyelitis.

Signs of a Smokybrown Cockroach Infestation

  • Visual

Smoky brown cockroaches spend the majority of their time outdoors. However, once infested inside, smokybrown cockroaches can be seen near areas with high moisture content. Smokybrown cockroaches are most active at night and gain entry into homes through slight openings such as roof gaps and crawl spaces.

  • Egg Case

Over the course of their life, female smokybrown cockroaches will lay around 17 egg cases. Each egg case will contain around 25 eggs. Egg cases are generally deposited in areas with food and water.

  • Feces

Feces resemble black pepper and can be found in areas where smokybrown cockroaches are trafficking the most.

Smokybrown Cockroach Control and Prevention

Create a less desirable habitat for cockroaches

  • Fix water leaks. Smokybrown cockroaches loose moisture rapidly and require a constant source of water.
  • Keep attic and crawl space well ventilated.
  • Frequently clean house gutters. Smokybrown cockroaches like wet leaves and organic debris.
  • Trim trees or shrubs that are touching the home.
  • Discard all cardboard boxes. Smokybrown cockroaches like to dwell in cardboard boxes.
  • Fasten tight fitting lids on all garbage cans inside and outside the home.
  • Disinfect kitchen countertops.
  • Refrain from filling animal bowls to unnecessary levels.
  • Eliminate leaf piles, lawn clippings and debris from the exterior of the home.

How to exclude cockroaches from the home

  • Caulk and repair openings the size of a penny or larger. Cockroaches can flatten their bodies and squeeze through incredibly small openings.
  • Keep mesh screens tightly fastened on all windows, doors, and vents.
  • Attach door sweeps when large gaps are present at the bottom of doors.

How to get rid of smokybrown cockroaches with insecticide sprays

  • Outside the home, treat the perimeter, entry points and areas where moisture builds up.
  • Inside the home, treat baseboards, cracks and crevices.
  • Apply residual insecticide around all plumbing areas and vents.
  • Warning: Pesticide is poisonous and should be handled by a pest control professional. Always read the label and follow instructions before use.

How to bait for smokybrown cockroaches

  • Cockroach baits contain insecticide mixed with food attractants to entice cockroaches. Baits are available in granules, dusts and gels.
  • Place baits in areas where smokybrown cockroach activity is high (under the stove, behind kitchen cabinets, under sinks, bathrooms, garage, etc.)
  • Check the bait regularly to review its effectiveness.
  • Try switching to a different bait if the cockroaches stop taking the original bait.
  • Make sure the bait is out of reach to children and pets.
  • Warning: Pesticide is poisonous and should be handled by a pest control professional. Always read the label and follow instructions before use.


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