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Do Ants Eat Termites?

Nature’s balancing act can be pretty amazing when it comes to pests. Birds eat mosquitoes, spiders eat flies, and frogs and beetles eat cockroaches. And ants will devour termites in a killing frenzy.

Ants do not attack termites because they are a danger but because they are so darn tasty. Termites are packed with protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. In fact, the wood-eating pests are more nutritious than chicken and beef. That’s why termites are on the dinner menu in some countries! For ants, a termite is a crawling buffet. It is packed with all the nourishment normally found by ants invading your pantry. So who do we root for in this battle of the bugs keeping in mind that in the insect world the enemy of your enemy is your friend? Unfortunately, it’s a draw.

If you have a termite problem, introducing hoards of ants into your home would be like cutting off your finger because of a hangnail. Ants can create nests in your baseboards, inside walls and many other places you don’t want thousands of ants eating and breeding. The ants will likely eat the termites, but not fast enough to prevent the wood-eaters from doing some serious damage to your home.

It’s true that ants are termites’ main enemy and may provide some termite control, but the degree of control also depends on the availability of other food sources for the ants. Nature’s balancing act may be amazing but when it comes to ants, termites, and your home, that’s a fight best left to creatures with just two legs – your local pest control technician.


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