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The Only Way To Prevent Termites

Termites might not be seen, but it doesn’t mean the insects aren’t there. Homeowners have to be aware of the looming threat. The University of Florida estimates there’s 3 to 6 colonies on an average acre of ground in Florida. Unfortunately, you can only prevent against subterranean termites, not drywood termites. The damage drywood termites [...]

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Car Creatures: Wildlife May Be Lurking Under the Hood

There could be creatures living inside your car and you don’t even know it. One motorist recently found an opossum in their car, while another found squirrels living under the hood of their vehicle. Even when they were discovered, some of the animals showed no intent of leaving. After you drive your car and park [...]

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Do Ants Eat Termites?

Nature’s balancing act can be pretty amazing when it comes to pests. Birds eat mosquitoes, spiders eat flies, and frogs and beetles eat cockroaches. And ants will devour termites in a killing frenzy. Ants do not attack termites because they are a danger but because they are so darn tasty. Termites are packed with protein, fats, [...]

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Even a “Bomb Cyclone” is Not Enough to Thwart Pests

With states as far south as Florida experiencing uncharacteristic cold weather, many hold out hope that a blustery winter means less pests come springtime, the National Pest Management Association(NPMA) warns that this unfortunately is not the case. The truth is that bugs don’t just simply die off when winter rolls around. In fact, cold weather [...]

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Seven New Year’s Resolutions for a Pest-Free 2018

Happy New Year to you and your family! Here are some tips to implement in the New Year to keep you pest-free in 2018. Healthy indoors – Air indoors is up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is partially due to dead bug bodies and bug droppings that are clogging up the [...]

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