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Can Ants Damage Wood Like Termites Do?

Termites are notorious for the way they affect wood, eating their way into spaces that didn’t previously exist. They convert the cellulose in wood to give their bodies nourishment.What does the damage look like?Even without seeing either insect, you can determine which is nesting in your home by looking at the destruction. For example, ants [...]

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Summer’s Most Popular Pest Will Make An Appearance Through Fall

With warmer temperatures extending through September, Floridians should expect a longer mosquito season. A lot of people think just because its now early fall that they no longer have to worry about mosquitoes. They are going to be around through mid-October, maybe even into early November, so it’s important to be diligent. The best advice [...]

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Pest Control Tips After A Storm

One effect from storm damage, and especially flooding, is the increase of pests and other unwanted wild animals in and around homes. The main thing to remember is that insects and small animals need shelter just like the rest of us. When it floods and their habitats are destroyed, they will naturally seek out shelter [...]

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Pest of the Month – Carpenter Ant

Did you know that carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood? They prefer to eat insects. Did you also know? Winged carpenter ants can resemble termites and often confuse homeowners. Carpenter ants have become a major threat to homes in Florida. They invade homes in search of food and will establish colonies in areas where they [...]

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How Do All Those Ants Get Into Your Home?

There’s nothing fun about finding hundreds of ants marching into your house through cracks and crevices that you didn’t even know existed. We have received many calls from customers this Summer complaining of particularly bad ant problems. Basically, ants are looking for moisture, food and a home. Here are our recommended ant prevention tips: Keep [...]

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